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Is this a line or evap?


Hey! I’m not to this site so unsure if I’m even posting on the right thing.

My partner and I have been TTC since last October. I suffer from irregular periods and docs won’t test me until it’s been one year I’ve been off the pill.

I struggle to know when ovulating.

I took a test yesterday using the last strip I had in my cupboard and the tiniest line appeared. Before when I test I see nothing.

Is this an evap line or the line I am wanting? Xxx

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Hi, I am sorry I don't see anything :( maybe it's just me, but I really don't see any line. Sorry. If it's there is very faint. Try again in few days perhaps, use a clear blue or some other tests. Hope it goes well

LaLaLaGal in reply to TheSeal

Hey thanks for replying there is deffo a thin line there just don’t know if evap. I’ve ordered other tests so hopefully get more of an answer

TheSeal in reply to LaLaLaGal

It might be just evaporation then. Sorry I couldn't see anything in that one :(. Yeah try with other tests perhaps in few days. Hope it turns ok

It looks like a definite negative I can see some other line but it really is less than a hair line it looks more on the negative side as I had to look a million times for this faint line your talking about I think that over line is an evap line

I had this issue a few weeks ago I didn’t know what it was so I took another test and it was negative so I didn’t think anything about it untill a couple of weeks ago I went to the doctors and found out I was pregnant please don’t get your hopes up but definitely try another one in a couple of days and as for ovulating there are plenty of websites online if you type in ovulation calculator it should help you out anyways good luck I wish you all the best xx

Looks negative to me. Have you tried using ovulation tests?

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