Unsure if I'm pregnant or not 😕

I've had many of the main symptoms of pregnancy for around a month now and took a pregnancy test 2 Sundays ago and it came up positive.. I've since then taken 4 and they've all said negative!

Like I said I've experienced a lot of the symptoms sore breasts, tiredness, sickness and going off food

Any recommendations on what I can do?

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  • it could just be to early to tell

  • Hiya I was told by my doctor that only negative tests could be incorrect due to taling too early etc but you cannot have a false positive. I would try another pregnancy test in a week to see and if it shows negative I'd be inclined to go to the doctors and see what they advise

  • This was 2 and a half weeks ago but as I've still been getting the symptoms I took another test tonight and it's still come back negative again, I'm so confused as to what to think as that first one is still boggling my brain

  • I had all the same symptoms as you, then a positive digital clear blue pregnancy test and 4 negatives after. It is impossible to get a false positive but what happened to me was I fell pregnant, was really early and then the egg detached. Don't worry though- you could just be too early to show on the other tests as the one you took may have been more sensitive.

  • Hi There,

    If your period has been later, lighter, shorter or didn't come at all or if it has been 3 weeks since the earliest sex you've had then a pregnancy test would be accurate. It is also best to use the first pee of the day, as it's the strongest otherwise your urine will be too dilute. Always read and follow the tests instructions exactly and don't read it too soon or late. Why don't you go along to a local contraceptive clinic and do a test with the nurses (for free), and they can go over dates with you too.

    Best Wishes


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