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Husband and I have decided to plan our family. My BMI is over 40. Seeking help and advice! :)

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Hi everyone, I'm new here. I'm browsing the internet for family planning advice as my husband and I have decided to begin trying for our first baby. Today I booked an appointment to have my contraceptive implant removed. I have gathered all the info I need to know about how best to go about accurately trying to conceive after having the implant removed; and now I'm moving onto my next biggest concern - my weight - so I have also joined the Weight Loss NHS HealthUnlocked community.

I just want to know if there is anyone out there with experience of preconceptive care involving losing weight for pregnancy. Can anyone share any advice for what it's like to be overweight and pregnant? I'd love it if I could reach out and get in touch with a lady who is either pregnant, trying to become pregnant or who has been through pregnancy whilst overweight.

I recently rapidly lost a lot of weight due to being poorly but have since put some of it back on. I find losing weight rather easy but I find keeping to a healthy diet and routine difficult and so put weight back on easily. Any recommendations, advice or shared stories would be hugely welcomed. :)

5 Replies

My bmi is nearly 39 and im pregnant only real difference is that theyll watch you more closely for weight related problms and book you in for growth scans


My bmi was 36 when I got pregnant (now 22weeks) and I have no issues at all! They do monitor you more closely but you get to see your baby more! But other than that she is perfectly healthy and growing the way she should be! Don't stress over it too much!


My bmi is 31 I've actually been loosing weight whilst pregnant watching what I'm eating. They just said I'm more likely to get high blood pressure and those kinds of things I've had preeclampsia twice already so tbh my weight isn't much to do with that. They test.yoy for gestational diabetes if you are overweight. I found being more overweight this time has put alot of oressure on my back and my hips so I have been in quite a bit of pain but other than that my weight hasn't really affected my pregnancy in anyway. It's always best to try and loose weight before pregnancy but it's harder said than done..hope you manage to achieve our weight goals and conceive soon! X


hi there I'm big too and keep trying to lose weight, my bmi is50 and I'm trying for a baby, I also struggling with cronic pain that makes exercising unpleasant. I didn't know there was a weight loss thing on here


Hi there

Fertility usually returns very quickly after having the implant removed. Some suggest having a first period in order to be able to work out dates when you do become pregnant, but that’s not essential. It’s always good to be a healthy weight, but equally not all women who are overweight find it difficult to conceive. I would suggest having regular sex (2-3 times a week), but don’t make it a chore, eat healthily, start using Folic Acid in preparation of a pregnancy and try to relax about it all. Your GP would be a good source of support for local weight loss clubs, and if you do become pregnant before you lose weight, a midwife will care for you and advise about losing weight in pregnancy. Good luck.

Best wishes


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