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Thrush in pregnancy


Hey ladies anybody got any Remedies or advice to treat thrush ?

Basically last week I went to the to Gp who stated its thrush, she prescribed me a pessary which I used I’ve also been using the canesten cream. The symptoms disappeared for a few days . However last night it seems as though the thrush has come back in full vengeance! I hardly slept due to uncomfortableness and itchy ness . I really don’t know what to do p.s I’m 28 weeks pregnant xx

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I had awful thrush when I was pregnant with my daughter. I think I had it a few times. Natural yoghurt you can put all over- I know this sounds strange but I've heard from others it works. I found the canestan pessary the tablet that goes inside your vagina, not an oral tablet.

Good luck


Thanks hun , it’s really horrible !

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