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Help with early pregnancy signs

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Hey I am new here and was just wondering , I keep getting cramps , pains in my lower back , always feeling sick , dizzy and sleepy , do you think I should do a test

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Yes definitely . Better to be safe than sorry. I was getting horrible cramps in my lower abdomen and my back and I was constantly exhausted. Turns out I'm pregnant and i had no idea !

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TaraS1234 in reply to _lolarose

Grand thanks , what's the best test to do ???

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_lolarose in reply to TaraS1234

Any test from the local pharmacy or supermarket will do, I used clear blue but the choice is yours

Thanks , I am so scared I am only 16 and only with my fella 2 months I don't now what to do if I am ,my da said he will never talk to me agin if I get pregnant and my Mam doe when I was 12 and have no one to talk to Scared

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_lolarose in reply to TaraS1234

Finding out your pregnant can be so scary I only found out yesterday myself. But at the end of the day your parents will love you no matter what, I'm sure at first they will be angry and lecture you at first but they will support whatever decision you choose to make. Take the test, see what it says, and go from there ! I'm always here if u need to talk , I know exactly what your going through x

Thanks I will take one soon ❤️

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AliH2626 in reply to TaraS1234

Hi Tara, just checking if you took the test and if you still needed someone to talk to? Xx

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