i think I mite be pregnancy

I have been off the pill for 2and bit weeks now. Last week I started to achy then to feel sickly the if I smell eggs it made I worse. Then at the weekend my boob and nipples have been so sore on the right side and this week I have putting pains like when you start your period.

Do I take a test now or wait a bit I am going out the weekend with the girls so I don't know if I should drink or not

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  • Have you come on your period?

  • No I should come on round the 10. I didn't what to drink and put the baby at risk

  • It is more likely to just be the effects of stopping the pill, but you could test on the day your period is due just to be sure.

    To be honest it is too early to experience the pregnancy symptoms you describe, they start a bit later usually.

  • I agree katrina

  • Hi sorry my proied last for 3 days it was light pinksh and bownsh on end of May 2015. We been tiying still now I wear a dress everyone I think am pregnant my tummy it heard all time it not got soft now I not understand it I had 3 kids with my ex pather am spied now am not married en more am now with my pather David I kown him about 1 and helf now he is 26 am 27 we wanted a family now we tiying about year am tired and I did feel sick in 3 day am all. AWays hurry my boobs got lots bigger in last year 2013 and 2014 and 2015 this year too am 12 stone migth more now am get very heavy thanks u. Ps help me

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