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Pain in abdomen at 17 weeks


My daughter is 17 weeks pregnant with her first baby. She is just 20 and lives with me. She suffers with chronic pain (nearly 4 years) and takes Tramadol, paracetamol and Oramorph for pain relief. She has tried to cut down but it's a fine balance. She also takes antidepressants mainly for anxiety but also depression. She is struggling with pain at the moment and I'm frustrated because I can't help. The baby seems low and is "bouncing" on her bladder which isn't nice and some of the time she feels this is causing her pain. Can you feel the baby inside you at this stage? I honestly can't remember as I was very ill during my pregnancy and I've no idea what is considered normal. Can anyone give me any advice on how to help her or even reassure her? Many thanks for reading this x

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Hi again Nicki-Im sorry your daughter is not feeling well with her pregnancy--I read your post and was wondering what kind of pain she is experiencing? I have fibromyalgia and immediately thought of that---As far as feeling a baby at 17 weeks-I know they move and you can feel it at around 3-1/2-4 months--like a butterfly flutter--Has she seen a Dr about this heaviness in baby area on bladder? I think she needs reassurance from a doctor--and also maybe see if there is a UTI or something going on that is making this baby weigh on her. Im not a dr--was a nurse and im a mom of 3 grown daughters.Im not giving medical advice just telling you what I know and remember--I send my well wishes that she feels better soon--MmeT

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