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Can I get a copy of my ultrasound scan I had a bpas before I went through with my abortion? 🙄😔

Hi i had an abortion last Saturday. very hard decision but me and my partner both agreed it was for the best, he's been absolutely amazing and so so supportive, before I had the abortion I had an appointment at bpas to see how far I was and to then discuss my options unfortunately I was more far gone that what we expected, when the ladie was doing my scan she turned the screen away (perfectly fine I understand) but now after i had the procedure I've been feeling so bad and I'm now living with guilt and I'm grieving a lot I've been told this is perfectly normal but I also get upset a lot, I've spoken to a women I know and she said that looking at the scan photo may help me even if I do get abit upset at least I can see my baby and know that I did it for the right thing, there's no way I could bring a baby into the world the way I was I would hate myself. Am I able to get a copy of my ultrasound scan and if so where can I get it from x x 

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Hi there

I’m so sorry to hear you’re feeling so sad. If you contact the unit you had treatment at they should still have your notes, and they may be able to send you a copy. Or please call our contact centre 03457 30 40 30 to see if the unit can help you.

You could also use that number to access some post-abortion counselling over the phone, which is a service offered to all women whom have had treatment at Bpas. It would give you a chance to talk through all the emotions you are going through.

I hope this helps

Best wishes


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Abortion may seem the answer but then you have too live with the outcome.

Maybe having a picture is not right. I think just light a Candle and say a prayer.

Personally l would have had the Child adopted.

I am not judging you as l cannot.

Your Partner too may be okay but it was you that went through the procedure and carried the baby.

Maybe see your GP.

Take Care.


I know this is a really late as you posted this a year ago, but I've gone recently just gone through the same thing and was wondering did you ever manage to get a copy from bpas? x


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