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in alot of pain at 8wks 6days


hi everyone I was wondering if you could help I'm only 8wks 6days but I've been getting soon much pain in back and roughtly were my kidneys are is this normal

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I'm not sure about whether it is normal or not however if you contact your GP or midwife or Early Pregnancy Unit they may be able to advise you further or check you over if things don't seem quite right x

darcy123 in reply to Zoe310798

thanks hun how far gone are you

Zoe310798 in reply to darcy123

23 weeks and 6 days!! It's going so quick x

mines draggin along do you know what ur having

Zoe310798 in reply to darcy123

Aw really? How long have you known? And yes a little girl🙂X

I don't no yet just hope it's healthy I had two girls there funny to watch as they get older


Hi There,

This is something you should always get checked over with the GP or other healthcare professional, especially if the pain is unmanageable. If could be a urine infection, but would need checking out and treating if necessary.

Best Wishes


they have checked for uti and have never on more scans last time they scaned they found a 18×7×22 hematoma now on edge wondering if I'm gonna miscarriage as I've had so many