Can anyone else see it?!

Can anyone else see it?!

Please please help 😦 so I was in hospital last week and found out I'd lost a baby (hcg less than 5). Now I'm sure I'm not the only one who hopes for something miraculous to happen. So I took a test Monday morning and could see a veeeeery faint line but my husband couldn't so took another test this morning and the line is still faint but a bit stronger I think. My husband still can't see it and its causing ructions because he thinks I'm imagining things and I think he's not looking properly. I just want to know if anyone else can see the second line 😧 I'll try to add more photos if I can x

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  • Can't add more sorry. I know its faint and my camera ain't brilliant but its all I've got to work with

  • Hi I can see the line.... perhaps repeat it tomorrow?

  • Hi thanks for replying, its reassuring to know I'm not the only one! I was getting so upset over it. My husband can actually see it now thank god... Just don't like feeling like I'm crazy. I've got the doctors tomorrow anyway so going to take the test to show them

  • So does this mean you didn't miscarry!

  • I hope so but its been such a confusing time I don't know what to think anymore. I don't have periods at all because of the pill so have no starting point to work from. I only took a test 2 weeks ago because I had felt sick for over a week and it was a really faint positive but every test since then was negative including the doctors. I went to hospital last week because I was in so much pain and that's how I found out my hcg was below 5 so they said early miscarriage. I've had no bleeding apart from a pinkish discharge last Tuesday. I'm just so confused!!! I really hope I am even though we weren't trying.

  • You are very lucky if it is! I am still waiting to start my period. I keep getting negatives and the doctor isn't bothered. I was meant to start last tuesday. I had cramping and had a sick feeling. I am going to test again tomorrow

  • I have commented further down but don't know how to tag you hun x

  • I can see the faint line

  • So I went to the doctors... Left very frustrated and annoyed! I'm meant to be having bloods to check my blood sugar level and needed to get the form. I explained to her what had been going on and that I'd had 2 positive results since going to hospital on Thursday, I even took the test for her to see but she said there was no point her looking at it. She also said there was no point in testing for hcg in blood because the hospital already done that on Thursday. I again told her that the positives were since then! She just asked why I was still testing 😤 excuse me for hoping for a miracle!!! I pushed to have hcg tested when I have bloods done on Monday and she did relent but again said it was pointless. Sooo being frustrated and annoyed I went and got 2 more tests and took 1 as soon as I got home... Only problem is that it came up positive but with no control line!!! A little while later the control line is barely visible but the positive is still there. Testing again in the morning. Ohh nd1987 how frustrating for you! Maybe tell the doctor you want a blood test to put your mind at rest. Are you usually regular? Limbo sucks!

  • Hi, I know this isn't what you want to hear but hcg can be in your system for a while after a miscarriage. My friend had a miscarriage but still had positive tests 4 weeks later. It can take a while for your levels to drop to zero.

  • Hi yeah I know that but the hospital said my hcg was below 5 already which is a negative to them and wouldn't show up on pregnancy tests. Just have to wait and see ☺

  • I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you ☺️

  • Thanks Murph... I just need to know either way... Its been so confusing!

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