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Please somebody help me 😢

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I've currently got a 5,4 and 15 month old!

I've two older boys with one dad that broke down and he left me,

The youngest doesn't see his dad at all as I went through domestic violence with him and he was sent to prison!

I've moved on found a man I'm happy with we now live together only after 6 months and I've found out I'm pregnant!

I'm absolutely terrified and the main reason I'm so scared about being pregnant is my mum, She is going to go completely crazy and not be happy at all and the one person I want to talk to is my mum and I can't because I'm so scared of her reaction!😭

My partner hasn't really said much! I hate the idea of going through an abortion even reading about it makes me break down in tears! But if I keep it my mum is going to insane and in so scared of having baby daddy number three and it going wrong again!

I've been taking my pill every morning every day and I can't believe it's happened!

Please somebody tell me what to do😢😭

I'm in pieces😢😢

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im so sorry to hear you are struggling, first I would say do not make a decision until you are 100% sure that's what you want, your mum may surprise you and be completely fine with it and if not well this is your body and your baby and im sure she will come around, discuss it through properly with your partner and decide together, take your time there is no hurry, if your not happy after discussing it with him maybe considering have a chat with a counsellor, I wish you the best of luck no matter what you decide

It's not your fault if your children have different dad's. You didn't go into the relationships thinking they'd fail after having the children. Stuff anyone who says otherwise. If you and your kids are happy that's all that matters. Sit down with your partner make a plan and see hoe you both really feel about this baby. Mum's love us no matter how many kids my mum said she'd disown me if I had anymore but hey I'm pregnant now she's fine! I've had preeclampsia twice so having a third wasn't a great idea lol!! I'm sure things will work out just do what's best for you and your kids hope this helps!

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Esara in reply to SC94

Thank you! It's plaguing me that people will think I'm some sort of cheap tart with different dads but it really isn't like that 😩 I told my mum and she wasn't over the moon but she was more supportive than I thought she would be she really surprised me!

Really glad to hear, let me know if you want to chat xx

Hey girl keep ur headup i know its not easy to go thru that but we mom are strong woman God put us here to have babies and he knows we are not perfect in life but do what is pleasin in God eyes and have ur baby rather its by a diff dad or not you are not the only one going thru this so raise ur babies u be just find

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