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What to do... VBAC or C-section?

With my first baby in 2017, I had an induction due to PROM at term but didn't go into labour... I got to 5cm and ended up with a cat 2 emergency c section (GA) due to maternal sepsis and fetal distress. It was horrendous, I was in 8 nights, me and baby on antibiotics, 2 blood transfusions, 3 catheters, paralytic bowel and delayed bonding. I am due no 2 in September and need to think about what I want. Obviously I am high risk now, and I have been offered an elective c section but I'm so torn as what to do. I know 100% I don't want induction but other than that I'm not sure. VBAC or elective section? I'd love a 'natural' birth but I'm consultant led and know I won't get what I'd love (low risk midwifery unit, pool birth, minimal monitoring/intervention etc) I'm not comfortable with home birth as I know first hand how wrong and how quickly it can go! And like the reassurance of emergency help near by (I'm also a nurse so a terrible patient!!) Any advice/experiences welcome!! Thanks x

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Hi there, I was consultant led in my 2nd pregnancy after an emergency c-section with my 1st. I spoke to my midwife and she sent me a midwife who told me all about the Vbac including the pros and cons and that vs c section. I really thought this helped and she put my mind at ease. I ended up having a Vbac and although very quick and intense the recovery was brillient and fast and was able to bond straight away with the baby and we were able to go home the next day. Good luck in whatever you decide


What kind of labour/delivery did you have though? I almost don't want to go through it if I'm strapped to a bed monitored the whole time. I'm also very anti induction so worried about needing that. Part of me just thinks, have an elective section and just be relaxed, in control and deal with the recovery. Hate the uncertainty of birth, I was all set for a low risk midwife led labour and everything that could have gone me wrong did!! I'd love to 'fix' it but who knows what will happen. Xxx


The midwife advised that once my waters break go to hospital as the c section scar could rapture. My waters broke 2 weeks before my due date so i was lucky and I didn't get any pain at all until 5hours later and then it was all go and 2 hours later she arrived! I was monitored for about 15 mins in all that time whilst I was waiting for the contractions but tbh my midwife wasn't the best and it could just be down to her laziness that it wasn't longer (she was pointless tbh)

I think if you are happy to have an elective and it will make you stop worrying and feel more in control then do it, it's completely your choice but there is no sense worrying yourself otherwise come that time you will be a bag of nerves and you should be enjoying your pregnancy and getting ready for your little one xx i wish you all the best in whichever option you decide xxx

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