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Hi ladies- I was wondering if anyone had any tips about what contraception to use shortly after giving birth??

I have just had my third baby ( a gorgeous chubby chops!!!) and being in my late 30's, with twins and a crazy puppy my husband and I can not really afford or cope with a fourth child. So... time to get safe! I want to start using a method of contraception that is effective but I am unsure what the best type is for someone my age with a two month old baby? Have any of you been in a similar situation? ANY advice would be super!!

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Congrats on the birth of your 3rd child. :)

I've given birth to my 2nd child 4 months ago today & as I'm still partially breastfeeding I am now taking the mini pill.

I wouldn't like to say I'm taking too much of a risk but I do take it a bit late in the day on some days. I'm considering having the mirena coil fitted as before becoming pregnant I had the implant fitted & found that my weight liked to fluctuate a bit.

Aah choices choices, let's hope i don't delay it too much hey as my other half & I have both agreed this is our last child together.


Let us know what you choose :)


Hello Abenaa- thank you so much for your speedy response! A couple of my girlfriends mentioned the mirena because once it's in you can forget about it. Which seems ideal to me when trying to juggle life and three kids!! Are there any major side affects ?

Yes we should both try and make the choice soon and report back!

Oooh and congratulations on your 2nd child. xx


Hi Judith,

Congratulations on your new arrival! There are lots of methods that you can use shortly after having a baby, and if you are breastfeeding you can use non-hormonal methods, like the coil as Abenaa suggested, or progestrogene only methods like the mini-pill or the implant - these won't effect your milk supply or your baby. Perhaps this might be of use -

Let me know if you have any questions - and congraulations again!



Hi Katherine

Thank you so much for this advice, it was so helpful!! I have since booked an appointment to get the coil fitted so fingers crossed all goes to plan. Abenaa I will let you know how it goes. xx


Oh good,

I tried to book an appointment with my G.p today as I was in the surgery to get a repeat prescription for my son but no luck

Oh- yes please do definitely let me know as I'll very interested about how it feels when inserted.





I was just having a look at some previous posts on here & I was wondering if you had the chance to visit your G.P to have the coil fitted?


Morning Abennaa,

Yes I got the coil fitted on Friday afternoon. I did experience some slightly heavy cramping afterwards but my GP assured me that was totally normal. The whole fitting was really quick. I will let you know if the cramping gets any worse but at the moment it seems bearable and worth it in the long run. xx


Oh-that's good, I guessed a bit of cramping would happen but I'm sure that's nothing a few paracetamol's wouldn't help with.

Thanks for replying to my nosey curious mind.




Yes excatly- I stocked up on the paracetamol draw in preparation! Feel free to be curious again- it is nice to share stories! xx


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