Terrible morning sickness

Hello everyone,

I am at my first trimester going through terrible morning sickness, in fact it is just not morning but evening, noon, night sickness, having a terrible time, not able to eat anything and not able to attend the office or do the household chores it a very bad situation for me I need to know whether I can have any medicine that could help or is it really dangerous for my baby please help as this is my first time pregnancy I don't want to screw it up!

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  • Awww hun so sorry for this I remember my sickness and it was real bad when I had it. Not as, bad as yours though. Are you managing to keep any food and fluids down? If not or the amount your bringing up is worrying you speak to your gp/midwife there is some medicine they can give you which will be safe if they prescribe it in pregnancy. Hopefully this will end for you soon hun. I hate being sick it's the worst.

    Good luck hun 💗😊😘

  • Thanks for the concern, i cannot keep anything down, even the water i am having is getting thrown out, its a terrible terrible situation, visited a doctor and she advised me this medicine named Doxiante, is it right to have medicines while you are pregnant though this tablet if I have it helps me i am a little skeptical about it. :(

  • I'm sure it will be OK if it stops you being sick then your managing to keep nutrients in your body for the baby to be able to absorb it's not Good for you or baby if you can't keep anything down. I know your cause for concern about taking meds hun I'm exactly the same but if it's going to help and nothing else has and your gp prescribed knowing your pregnant it's fine xx

  • yes I understand what you are trying to say, as a lot of people put you in doubt regarding this, thanks for all the support i appreciate that XOXOXO

  • Hi again hun iv just done a quick read on it and it's a category A medicine that means it's a medicine that's been researched and does not harm the baby it's safe. Xx

  • oh wow, you are the best, thanks for putting so much effort and regarding this, it means so much now I can really take that and get on with my life! imagine this is just the second month and I am suffering so much 1st time pregnancy and I was a bit scared as well and then came along morning sickness but I feel lucky to come across people like you i can't explain the amount of gratitude i feel. God bless you xoxoxoxo

  • Awwww bless ya don't thank me hun. Tbh I'm the same with meds I can go as far as saying I don't agree with them but sometimes if all other natural things fail we need the help as long as that help is safe there isn't problem sometimes you have to weigh up pros and cons. I would have felt same in your position. Hope the sickness calms down and you can start enjoying your pregnancy now. If you ever want to chat I'm here 💗🤗😘

  • Hello

    Please see your GP if the tablets aren't working and they can help you more If you are unable to

    keep food and drink down its important to see a Doctor as you don't want to become dehydrated

    Things that may help

    Are you able to suck on ice as that's sometimes a way to get some fluid

    getting plenty of rest - tiredness can make the sickness worse

    eating dry toast / plain biscuit

    eating small regular meals

    also distracting yourself as much as you can takes your mind off it

    More information can be found on the NHS Choices Website

    Best Wishes


  • Awwww that's so sweet of you dear. thanks for your lovely advice. I really appreciate the meals which you mention in your suggestion. But the thing is that I really don't like anything to eat. well I really try the toast and biscuit. Hope it works!!!

  • Hello

    How are you feeling ?

    Best Wishes


  • As usual dear, I am just fed up from this morning sickness :(

  • I was like that all the way through till about 20 weeks. I'm 22 weeks pregnant now. I went to a&e cause it got so bad I fainted with lack of food etc. They prescribed me anti sickness tablets which are ok in pregnancy. If you are really bad they should definitely work go to your gp or even an urgent care centre and they should prescribe you them.

    Hope everything goes ok xx

  • hey deela , Thanks for your suggestion dear. I also fainted many times and it was like aeeeeeee. I will definitely go for anti sickness tablets. Hope these tablets doesn't have any side effects???

  • I was fine on them except abit tired but they really did help! I'm not at home ATM but when I do go home I'll check what they are exactly called. Cause when I went Into a&e they put me on the anti sickness drop x

  • Thanks deela Once you go home , please let me know it's exact name. I am waiting for your reply

  • I will do I won't be home till Sunday night but I defo will x

  • Hi shemona, sorry for the late reply not been too well my self. The anti sickness they gave me was CYCLIZINE 50mg hope that helps x

  • Ohh!!! don't feel sorry my dear, It's absolutely Ok...Thanks for sharing the tablet's name and what happens ??? Is everything fine??? As you mention that you are not too well...

  • I'm okay I've just been vomiting a lot think I have a stomach bug and I had the whopping cough vaccine and it's just made me feel generally unwell when the nurse had said there was so side effects. It's being pregnant lol

  • Hello if you are not able to keep food or water down deffinatley go to your gp it sounds like HG and it may mean your dehydrated . They can hopefully give you tablets which would be safe for pregnancy or give you I.v fluids to rehydrate you. Xx

  • okay it is pretty obvious in the first trimester but you can have good times by doing a bit of things like never keep your stomach empty, eat something as soon as you get up in the morning, and I've been drinking an herbal tea "no to morning sickness tea" of secretsoftea to ease my nausea which was a great help.

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