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Possibly pregnant again

Ok so here goes my eldest is 8 and autistic so he can't share a bedroom as it's his safe space that's just his. My youngest is 13 months they are both boys. I've just had a very faint positive on a cheap test. Both me and my partner agree that if I am preganant again we won't abort as neither of us believe. I'm just worried about the implications of having a third hold so soon. We won't get anymore tax credits for baby number 3 and I'm on.placement for a college course. So I'm worried how we will manage with 3 kids in a 3 bedroom house especially i have a girl as my eldest can not share with his baby brother. Also I don't know how well manage financially or with having an autistic 8 year old an under 2 and a new born. We can't afford to rent a 4 bed in the area as only my partner gets a wage. I'm my eldest sons career and do two days placement in a school and will have one day old college in a few months if I can still do the course if I am pregnant.

Any advise would be welcomed

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