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20 weeks pregnant today

Hi, I'm 20 wks pregnant today and have my scan tmr which I can't wait for . I have felt the odd flutter or popping sensation at about 18 wks and I think I felt a flutter yesterday but nothing too much .

I thought I would have been feeling kicks by now ? Is this normal !

Also, but sure if this is appropriate to ask on here, but we're having real probs with choosing names. We're not finding out the Sex, but I have a strong feeling it's a boy .

I'm not over keen on your average James, Paul , Daniel names , we want something fairly unique but haven't really got a clue .

Any suggestions ?

We both thought of Ethan ( boy) first of all or Maisa( girl) but gone off them . Surnames Taylor .

Hanks so much xx

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Is it your first pregnancy ?




They say if it's your first pregnancy usually around 25 week mark is when you should feel kicks.... But everyone is different so wouldn't be the same for everyone, I wouldn't worry about it as you are only 20 weeks & as its your first it's not uncommon... :)

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With my first i felt movement in terms of flutterrings at about 14/15 weeks then full blown ones at 21/22 weeks im now 22 weeks and only just feeling proper movements, i was worried at 20 week scan as well turns out i have an anterior placenta which is cushioning half of baby's movements, try not to worry until a proffessional tells you to.


It depends where your placenta is positioned if it's at the front you won't feel too much until baby is bigger but takes longer with first pregnancy anyway.

As for names we felt the same when we had our son 3 years ago didn't want an average name so he's call Wyatt.


it is normal, taylor. 20 weeks of pregnancy is showing to us when the baby whose completed body. Parts of body is like as hands, foots, fingers and face could be looked clearly using USG. u could listen their heart rate clearly using specific tools in medical. bt if u wanna see their sexual, i suggest at 7 months or up to 28 weeks for checking up ur pregnancy.

as for names, i suggest Rangga whose have the meaning is brave, smart and loving


I'm 19 week + 3 days and past 4-5 days I've felt my little girl kicking away it's only past fews days I've felt her proper, before that it was little popping but apparently after 25 weeks you should definitely be feeling stronger kicks and get to then know the baby pattern my LG tends to kick away very late at night but barely feel her through the day and I'm thinking of calling mine alissa I was set on the name lucas if it was to be a boy though


first babies usually are not felt properly till after the 20 weeks mark so I wouldn't worry, the more pregnancies the quicker you feel them, im expecting baby number three and im 22 weeks and feel her kick a lot she is quite strong, you will no when you feel proper kicks


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