Fertility problems? Pregnant? Any advice please?!

Me and my husband started trying for a baby at the end of July, so not very long at all (but it feels like ages!) but we are worried that I may not be able to even get pregnant because (apart from the first one after coming off the pill which took 2 months to come) my periods have been every 8 - 15 days, (I came off the pill in May so it should have settled down by now, the doctor said we didn't need to leave any time before starting trying) so we are worried it might not be long enough for me to ovulate, conceive and it to implant, and also I was told 4 years ago that I have polycystic ovary syndrome, (but then another doctor wasn't sure if I did or not a few months after that) so I have a doctors appointment booked for this Wednesday. But this time it has been 18 days since the last one and I have none of the stomach cramps etc that I normally have for 2 to 3 days before my period comes. So my question is should I go to the doctors or should I cancel it? I don't know if they have sorted themselves out and gone to a more normal length? Or if I could actually be pregnant?! I don't want to waist the doctors time if it has sorted itself out but I really don't want to cancel it if there is something wrong. I don't know what to do. Can anyone give any advice please?

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  • I would still see the gp. It wouldn't be possible to ovulate in that short time it sounds like irratic bleeding from the pill. Might be worth checking a pregnancy test and your hormone levels with the doctor to see if you are because there is a chance

  • Ye I think I will, it's best to keep the appointment now it's made I think and I will feel better knowing. ye that's what I thought. I guess its worth asking the questions and see what she says. Thank you. :)

  • Hi, I would still go to your GP, even though I had periods i wasn't ovaluting which is common if you have pcos. I got referred and put on chomid which I am pleased to say worked as I'm currently 33weeks pregnant 😊 X

  • Ye I'm going to keep the appointment and see what they say. (I got the wrong day it's this afternoon not yesterday) Ok, will see what she says then. Thanks for your reply. Awh that's really good,congratulations! x

  • Hi there

    It is always best to seek GP help, especially if you have seen them before regarding the same problem. They can then plan the next steps to take with you.

    Best wishes


  • Ok, thank you. I did go to the doctors they have told me to go for a blood test then go back to talk to them again and they might send me for a scan after that so I will book an appointment for the blood test.

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