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Could I be pregnant?

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So I have a bit of a predicament- I had unprotected sex with two different men on days 13, 17 and 22 of my cycle (which happened to be right in my fertile window, stupid me I know.)

I'm currently on day 26 (3 days before I'm due to start my period,) however I started having a light bleed on day 24, and it's still continuing.

Today, I've taken two pregnancy tests due to the panic of early bleeding - they both came back negative. I'm gonna re-try in a week, just to double check.

Am I experiencing implantation bleeding, or just a light, early period?

Many thanks

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It could be either, the only way to know is to wait until the day you’d normally be due on and test again. Are you trying to conceive?

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laurendanni in reply to jenna01

Ah okay, thank you- and no, I'm finishing up my college course before moving on to university so children aren't an option: in the chance that I am pregnant do you have any abortion advice?

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jenna01 in reply to laurendanni

If you are then make an appointment with your nearest pregnancy advisory service and they can advise you. If you aren’t then sort out some contraception with your GP as you might not be so lucky next time! One time is an accident but 3 that close together is really careless - please be more careful in future!

Like Jenna01 says- only way to know is to have a pregnancy test. Please don’t forget to get yourself tested for sexually transmitted infections as well- just google sexual health clinic and the area you live. Infections such as chlamydia have no symptoms and can affect your fertility in later life if left untreated. Treatment is free from the clinic and they don’t send any letters to your GP.

It can either be implantation bleed or an early period. It all depends on testing a week after your period was due. You're doing the right thing and i hope its the outcome you want xx

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laurendanni in reply to McMumma

Ah thank you so much, the light bleeding went on for a good 5 days, I've only just stopped yesteday- that to me says early period (hopefully lol.) I'm gonna do another test or two on Friday and go from there, thank you for the support xx

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