Could I be pregnant?

Could I be pregnant? The past few days I've been having little cramps in my stomach and white milky discharge. My breasts were a little sore a few days ago. This morning I started feeling nauseous and the past 2 weeks I've been feeling very fluish and I can't seem to get rid of it. I was meant to start my period today but it hasn't arrived and seems to be no sign of it coming. I had my implant removed in August because it didnt agree with me (had it for 2 and half years) my periods used to be 23 day cycle and now it's around 27 day cycle but i usually start spotting by now. I'm really really tired and anxious about it. I did have unprotected s*x about 2/3 weeks ago usually my partner use's condoms.

I'm not sure if I should speak to my doctor about being late or if I am pregnant would it show up by now?

I'm really really worried to take a test I don't know if I'm ready.

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  • Also a week ago I had nose bleeds for 3 days, and cramping in my leg and hip. Should I do a test tomorrow will it show up?

  • I had all these symptoms really early. At one point I thought I was going mental and imagining the symptoms. Done test day before my period was due came back positive. The easiest way to rest your mind is to do test.

  • Thank you so much for your reply. I'm now 3 days late so I'm going to do a test tomorrow and see. I know some times my periods fluctuate they've flattened out to 27 days but about 2 months ago it was 31 days but I've always spotted before then anyways.

    I've now noticed my breasts have been really sore for the past 2 days too.

  • I've had very faint red lines but I'm really nervous to tell my boyfriend. Should I re-test to make sure? It was one of the cheap super drug tests. What do I do I'm really scared. Am I pregnant if even if it's faint line??

  • Even a faint line means your pregnant. Good luck with telling your boyfriend. Yes tell his asap and he can be there to support you. Good luck x

  • Hiya I need help I did another pregnancy test yesterday and it was also positive... but now I started cramping and have light blood :'( I was coming round to the idea of everything and now this... does this mean a chemical pregnancy. I'm cramping really bad and light headed but not a lot of blood. Please help :'( xx

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