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Recovery after salpingectomy

Hi everyone. Just iver 2 weeks ago I had an emergency salpingectomy via laproscopic surgery. I'm back at work now as I couldn't handle being at home alone with flash backs and crying over my loss. Although technically I'm on the way to recovery I feel like I'm not physically. I wish I had taken another weeks sick leave as I'm in pain even though I'm on amended duties. Am I right in feeling like this?

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Every person deals with loss in different ways. You have every right to deal with it the way that you feel is best. And if that means crying it all out then you shouldn't feel ashamed or even question whether it's ok. It's a big loss and a lot to deal with. I've had 3 miscarriages in less than 6 months and I'm only 23 and every time I've struggled to cope. It gets harder for me each time. But I've always taken time to grieve as I've needed it but every time I convince myself that I just need to carry on with my life.

In terms of physical pain and recovery, know your limit and don't push it. Otherwise you'll end up harming your body unnecessarily and that's not something else you need to go through on top of everything else. I've always jumped back into work almost immediately as I find it a distraction but I've never pushed myself. I know my limit and most times I don't even work to my limit, just a little before if that makes sense. Ease yourself into work, especially if you have a job that requires a lot of activity. Keep distracting yourself and before you know it your body will have healed. And if you haven't healed emotionally then talk to someone as you don't want to go through this alone.

I'm so sorry to hear that you've had to go through this. And I do hope that things get a little better for you, even though one can't always completely get over such a loss xxx


Hey there.

I know exactly how you are feeling as I had the same after an ectopic pregnancy was discovered., they tried methotrexate which didn't work so I had no choice but to have my tube out. I have since had 3 miscarriages one late (20 weeks) and they don't get any easier it just makes you stronger and even more determined. The looks of ahhh poor girl when I tell people just annoys me and maybe its just not meant to be etc , Ive got one child already who is 6 and I've had 6 pregnancies that failed im not giving up.... well iv proved a lot of people wrong and im currently 19 weeks pregnant im due on October, im still worried still nervous each day but im staying positive! I had a month off to be able to cope mentally and physically , my scars got a little infected when it came to having the stitches out and I didn't want to face people for a while. Go back to the doctors say how your feeling, im sure under the circumstance another 2 weeks will be given to you. In that time you should be able to chill and have some you time, reflect on the future and gradually pick up the pieces, if you have a good support network of family and friends around you it helps! go out, have a laugh, get drunk if you need to, just don't beat your self up about it, time heals. The pain will fade, I was lucky that I didn't have any internal pain just a dull ache really. I hope you can talk to your partner about the loss and he is understanding and supportive. Maybe a few days away somewhere would also help, either that or go crazy decorating or housework!!! (I would prefer a break lol)

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Hello. I can empathise as I also had the same surgery a few weeks ago. I wouldn't go back to work if you are still in pain, and if it doesn't settle then see your GP. Also remember to give yourself emotional healing time too. It is such a shock to find out and end up in emergency surgery. Hope you are all recovered a few weeks down the line now. X


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