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Travelling from abroad

Unfortunately, in Brazil there´s no way I can have a legal abortion. So, I thought about travelling to the UK so that I can do the procedure. I am very certain that I want to terminate this pregnancy. In the website (BPAS), I learned people from other countries can have a abortion in the UK, if I pay for everything. I intend to travel on June 18th, since it´s when I have my paid vacations. Today it seems like the foetus is 5 or 6 weeks, meaning in June 18th it'll be 12 or 13 weeks. Questions: Can I do the pill procedure with more than 12 weeks? How long must I stay in the UK to do it? How many times do I need to go to the clinic? Do I have to wait? Is 1,5 week enough? The flight to Brazil takes more than 10 hours. Thanks.

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if ur under 12 weeks they will do though pill if over its surgery the pill os not always effective at least with the surgery they get it alll out


Hi There,

If you call +44 1789 508 211 you could arrange to have your consultation and treatment appointments booked for when your arrive in England, so you know where to fly to etc, in order for you to not wait too long for appointments when you get here. This way you know costings as if you are 12 weeks it would be a vacuum aspiration, this link enables you to see the different treatments offered. I hope you get it all sorted, as it must all feel quite stressful at the moment.

Best wishes




I am affraid not many clinics will go ahead with the pill option after 12 weeks;

You need to make sure that clinic you chosen has a license to process an abortion (surgical procedure) after 12 weeks of pregnancy (I went to clinic that had license to do procedures only for up to 10 weeks of pregnancy)

There is an initial visit with doctor and then another one for actual procedure, normally the procedure is booked for different day, however in my case i pre-booked the surgery the same day and insisted that this is the only day I can do it and if not I will go to different clinic.

You need to book your visit in advance and many places requires deposit

The initial visit is an assessment and examination- takes 30 minutes to an hour. The procedure itself takes less than half an hour amd you normally good to go few hours later.

If everything is ok, no need to go back again. I went back to my country next day after surgery.


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