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Failed medical abortion πŸ˜”

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It's been a roller coaster of emotions,due to medical reasons I had decided on an abortion,I had a medical abortion done by bpas at 9+3 days had the pill then the tablets inserted in me as I really didn't want a surgical one,and it's not worked 7 days later no blood loss or anything just very bad sickness,I'm going back to bpas today but I'm so worried there going to say I can only have a surgical one now!! Anyone eles been through this?

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Hi there

I am sorry to hear that you had a failed medical abortion. I hope everything goes okay at the clinic today, I'm sure the staff will be extremely kind to you.

Best wishes


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A couple of years ago I was raped (wont go into details) and had an abortion through the NHS at 17 weeks which I was told was the latest you can do so.

You go in the day before and have to take a pill (which stops the baby's heart), the day after you need to go in and stay.

You take another pill which starts your contractions end makes you give birth.

Your not that far in as I was so just letting you know that there is no need for an opp for you in a long time.

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Hi, I'm sorry to hear this. I had a abortion 4 months ago I was 12 weeks And I had no idea I was pregnant until I ended up in hospital due to serious migraines. But I had to have the surgical one(there's different opinions I went for the one where I'm put to sleep they should give you a little book to take home) because of how far I was, I went to Cannock to have it done and everyone was so kind,lovely and patient with you my appointment was at 8:30am they get you to sit in the waiting room with your parent/family member or friend then someone will come and ask for you to have a quick chat with them and if you have any worries they will then send you back into the waiting room then call on you again in about half an hour and get you to insert tablets(they will explain this) you then have to sit in the waiting room for a couple of hours to let them do there job mine took 3 hours for me to then be called in.At this point who you came with had to leave you will then go into a room with other people in there who have either just come out of surgery or just going in, all clothing has to come off they will then take you into a room with your nurse and you will lie on the bed. And before he gave me my injection to be but asleep the nurse will start taLking to you about anything where you live/how far you traveled/ where are you from then they will take you into the theatre room and by the time I got in there I was passed out my procedure took 15/20 mins they will take you back to your room and get you to wake up and see how you are feeling they will keep you in for an hour(no one is allowed to come see you until you have been discharged and left the unit) they will get you to try something to drink and a biscuit I brought my biscuit and my tea back up they said this was normal for me they will then come and speak to you and see if your okay and if your ready to leave (they will take you to whoever came with you who will be in the coridor) they will also tell you that for the rest of the day you will need to rest for the rest of the day and may take the next day off work but everyone's different i slept in the car on the way home then had about 2 hours sleep at home and I was fine in the evening. I really hope everything goes well just relax when doing this if you get agitated then you may not be able to have the procedure because your muscles need to relax to let the tables work:)

Good luck 😘 x x

Sometimes it can take up to two weeks for your pregnancy to fully pass, I passed mine within 3

Hours after my medical abortion but continued to bleed for 2

Weeks and some woman don't pass their pregnancy until 2 weeks, the surgical abortion is nothing to be afraid of . You can choose if you would like to be sedated or not depending on how quickly

You would like to go home , it's like a suction method it may be uncormftable but many people say it's not to painful, but do not take my word as many people handle pain in different ways , most people said a medical abortion would not hurt and is slightly painful like a period I was screaming in pain for 3 hours I would of rather had a surgical abortion to be in an out and over and done with as the pain of it having taking place in home and seeing it is physically and emotionally stressful but if you do come to have the surgical abortion it is better than having an infection or keeping the baby wether it has failed as it will have many damages but I wish you the best of luck and hoped this helped x

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Chelle007 in reply to Amyjanexo

Thank you I'm booked in to have a surgical abortion tomorrow x

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