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21wks+5days nausea/headaches

Hi All, since Sunday 8th Jan I've had a really bad headache/nausea and not quite felt myself. I am still feeling baby, but my placenta is at the front so I don't feel it very strong. I'm thinking of going to triage tomorrow at the hospital to get myself checked d out. Do you think that's a good idea? Any advice would be appreciated, as I don't know whether I am just being over anxious about it all. It's my first pregnancy after being diagnosed with endo May 16 & getting my laparoscopy done July 16.

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Im 38 weeks today and ive suffered from constant headaches and constant violent vomitting, paracetamol does nothing for headaches and only thing that helps with sickness is anti sickness meds, i have placenta at the front and trust me those movements will become more obvious once they start hitting outside of where placenta blocks and even through it,mine now feels like hes trying to bust out of my stomach


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