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Weird sensation in my leg - 31 weeks pregnant



I'm 31 weeks pregnant and for a few days I've had this weird feeling in my left leg. I've been struggling to life the leg into bed etc as I think the baby is lay on a nerve or something. Feels like I drag my left side abit sometimes when I walk. But I've had this feelings it not painful hut it's like I'm going to get pins and needles or cramp but don't and I can't keep the leg still when's it's like this it's the only way to get some kind of relief. I can't stand it anymore it's driving me crazy sat here having to leg about. It's not painful as I said but I can't relax I can't stop shaking the leg cos the sensation won't go away. I've already been diagnosed with mild preeclampsia. This is my 3rd pregnancy and I've had preeclampsia twice before. I'm drinking plenty but I can't shift this feeling in the leg. Anyone had this or know what I can do to stop it?

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Hi There,

It's worth asking your midwife for some help or relief, as the baby could be laying on your sciatic nerve, or it could be pelvic girdle pain (pgp), which can be relieved by physio or manipulation. Your midwife would be able to give best advice.

Best Wishes


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