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Hello everyone I've just got an interview for winemark on Tuesday...I will be 11+ 4 weeks pregnant, I am not showing as of yet and have been told not to mention it...but what if I get it and I start and they start to notice? When do I tell them? I need this job so badly and I know I will get it, just don't know what to do

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Your not obligated to tell them. 😊 You only need to be working with them for 3 weeks from now if your 12 weeks to qualify for company maternity. I got an assistant managers job when I was 10 weeks pregnant and didn't tell them. They were a bit huffy and puffy about it but like you, i needed the job! I'm still there 10 years later and I'm on my 3rd pregnancy leave ❀️

Don't worry!

And good luck xxx

Okay you've made me feel so much better thank you!❀️ Fingers crossed I get it xx

Good luck πŸ˜‰ ❀️❀️ Let us know!


Hi There,

The interview should be about whether you meet the criteria they set and if they think you have the personal qualities to do it. Being pregnant isn't part of that and you have no need to tell them. Sex discrimination in an interview process is illegal, just as it is in employment and you can sue for it. Most people choose not to tell anyone until the 12 week scan, so you are well within your right not to disclose, go for the interview and take it from there. Good luck!

Best Wishes


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Thanks katherine, I am definitely going to go for the interview, I am 11 and a half weeks but I'm not showing as of yet. Hopefully I can hide it for a bit longer

GOT THE JOB YAY!!! Delighted

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