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Hey ladies,

I am under consultant care due to being high risk due to raised BMI and low PAPPA factor, which is only at 0.41. I have had my dating and anomaly scan on time. I booked in with midwife at seven and a half weeks. I saw consultant at 16 weeks and am now 23. My online notes say i should have an appointment at 25 weeks but according to NHS is saying that 25 weeks if a first baby only. I have an appointment for a growth scan at 28 weeks and will probably see consultant then, but do i see miwdife at all or just them. I contacted midwife who thinks I have SPD and sciatica but she just said paraccetamol rest and i might need physio and nothing more than that.

I dont know what im supposed to be doing anymore. I should Add this is my second child I also had a miscarriage at the begining of the year, my son is now six

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we are in exactly the same boat, im high risk due to the same reasons, yes you need to see a midwife should be at 24 weeks due to being high risk, then at 28 weeks you will have the growth scan and you should consultant as well, I also have SPD my midwife wants me to start physio, im currently 24 weeks with my third baby


Thank you for letting me know I'll contact midwife in morning. I'm just so confused as no one told me how being consultant led care differes from midwife based care.


to be honest its not, you only see them after the 28 32 36 week scans


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