Keep getting negative results

Keep getting negative results

Hi there I think I am 12 weeks plus pregnant and every test I have done has been negative even the doctors and the blood test I was at the doctors on Friday and demanded for a scan as I have all the symptoms and feelings and my stomach is getting bigger now so he's going to send me for a scan has this ever happened to anyone and when they got a scan there was no baby? That is my grown stomach in picture

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  • Hello,

    Are you perhaps on any medication that could be stopping the results from coming up positive?

  • No, I am not on any medication, don't know what is going on its frustrating

  • Hello,

    when have you done your blood test ? in which week? also why you do not do any scan before this?

  • 6 weeks ago and because I was getting negative results the doctor said she wouldn't send me so as my symptoms where progressesing I decided I have to go back and went to another doctor and demanded they send me for a scan and he agreed to

  • Thanks for replying. So you were in the sixth week of your pregnancy and no results. ..wish you all the best and please let me know about any updates on Friday.

    All the best!

  • I am nearly 13 now so that's y I went back to the doctors on Friday there so will let you know how my scan goes thanks

  • Hi There,

    It would be very unusual to have both negative blood and urine tests and to be pregnant. The scan will definitely show what is going on in your abdomen. A sudden weight gain (or loss) and the swelling of your abdomen should absolutely be investigated, so good on you for pushing for that. I hope all goes the way you hope.

    Best Wishes


  • Why don't you pay for a private scan through baby bond?

  • Hello

    Any updates.?

  • Nope. Hopefully get a date for scan through soon

  • Did u get a scan date as yet .

    Well actually u can walk into any hospital and go to gynae A&E and speak to d drs there. And maybe they can do an immediate scan rather than u waiting this long .

  • No not yet hopefully soon and I would rather just wait as I could be waiting to get seen for hours

  • But hours is better than days

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