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Abdominal pins and twinges

Hi I am 8+3 weeks pregnant I had a scan at 6+6 which looked good

Ever since and before that Ive had constant period type pains: quite low down (dull persistent ache) tolrable but every twinge worries me! As this is my first pregnancy I have also got endometriosis

i have been having sharp pains in my groin area is that normal at 8 weeks

Apologies if tmi small abounts of grey/ brown only faint discharge

Is this normal

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Hi, I'm on my third pregnancy and had pains early on with all of them. With my first I spotted on and off till 13 weeks when I bled alot ended up in an ambulance cos it was just pouring all over the floor... amazingly baby was fine! 2nd baby had pains turned out I had a blood pocket which put pressure on my growing womb so apparently that was that. This time had an early scan as they were convinced it was ectopic but nope.. everything fine it was just my body just to miscarry one of the sacs as it was twins and only one formed properly. So every pregnancy is different but most people experience some period type pains at the beginning. If they've scanned you then you know your not ectopic which is good. If you bleed then obviously rush to a and e but discharge is normal. I lost some browny discharge and they said It's just old blood from your cervix and the stretching and growing probably just knocked the blood pocket so you loose the old blood. Maybe get an appointment to see your midwife? I was told if the pain is bad enough to stop you in your tracks and take a breath then see gp or midwife.

Pregnancy is a nightmare for making you worry ! Hope this helps!

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Amazing advice thank you, Im such a worrier the pain is tolrable I am used to bad period pains I am just worrying seeing midwife this week so Il ask her thanks xx


Erm thanks


Hi there

Pregnancy hormones make the ligaments more stretchy, also relaxes muscles and give some women these sorts of pains. Pelvic pain during early pregnancy usually results from changes that occur normally during pregnancy. If the pain became unmanageable, or you feel like you have a high temperature and had bleeding contact your GP asap. General measures (such as resting and applying heat) can help relieve pain due to the normal changes during pregnancy.

Best wishes


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Thank you xx

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