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Clothes feel right & don't fit well at 12 weeks pregnant

Hi I've got a bit of a bump now and my normal clothes don't seem to fit right now.

My usual size is tight but the nxt size up looks too big.

Where can I buy maternity clothes from , I've had a week off wrk and go back Monday havnt told Manu people at wrk yet so want to try to disguise bump, got my 3 month scan nxt week sat 🙂

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Hi, you can get maternity clothes online from Asda, Next, Tesco. If you live near a H & M they have a great range in store too. Mothercare also sells maternity wear but is quite pricey.

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Look for the jeans that expand with you! They're more like normal clothes - I didn't have the money to get any but they look so much more normal! ☺️ there are little buttons on the inside and you just button then tighter or looser. The gap has cute styles but none of them are dryer safe and some are dry clean only!! Xx


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