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3 weeks pregnant - pain so having scan tmr

I called the hospital just for advice really as when I walk about too much I get a pulling feeling almost as if I've been doing loads of sit up's. ( if I've been to the loo ( poo) there seems to be relief - I think I'm a tiny bit constipated .

Have had this since last week and do think it's prob just my body adjusting but thought I'd call clinic for advice.

I'm pregnant 1st time through IVF, had 9 eggs collected and 4 fertilised, so had 2 put back in on the 23rd may .

The Hosp want me to go in tmr for a scan, they said it would be to early to see if the embryos have stuck, or to hear any heartbeats , but want to scan me as they said I had a lot of follicles.

I'm pretty confident that there's nothing wrong, but the only thing I am worrying about is ifs it's an internal scan, will this cause problems to my 2 embryos that are hopefully nice and snug in there.

My first scan to check heartbeat ect is in 3 weeks.

I spose it's a good thing there keeping a check on me .

Has this happened to anyone else?

Sorry for the long story 🙂

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Don't think it will I've had internal scans with my previous two pregnancies at 4 weeks, 6 weeks And 8 weeks and it was all fine.hope this helps :)


Always better to get it checked and hopefully put your mind at ease X


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