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Blood test weeks, need to mentally prepare myself

I'm currently 14+3 pregnant and I'm having my third scan today (not usual but I can have scans when I want to), I was just wondering at what weeks do they usually take blood tests? Because I don't deal with them very well, with my last one I didn't look (phobia of seeing it) and I made sure I kept eye contact with my boyfriend and a few seconds later I fainted and started to shake as if I was having a fit. I came around to 4 nurses looking after me and I can't remember anything that happened I'm just going by my boyfriends story.

But I think I'd feel at ease if I knew when I had to have them so I could mentally prepare myself before going. Thank you.

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I had some taken at my first midwife appointment x3 and one more for my quad blood test 15 weeks I think but you have a letter from that after your scan. Not sure if I will get anymore taken as mine were all fine


Hi there

You are best talking all this through with your midwife/doctor so they can let you know when they need to take blood, and they could then plan to have you sitting or laying down in case you faint. Hope it goes ok!

Best wishes



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