Could I be pregnant, will a GP help?

Hi All, I would really like to know if anyone else has experienced what I have and whether it is normal...I stopped my contraceptive pills on 18/11/15, had a withdrawal bleed as normal on 22/11/15, lasted 4 days.

I bled for just ONE day on 25/12/15, I at first assumed this was day 1 and that I had a 33 day cycle. But after that one day, nothing else. Blood was normal in colour, quantity for a normal bleed, but then it stopped.

Lots of Googling didn't give me an answer, I definitely wasn't pregnant (implant bleed), me an DH hadn't had unprotected sex as we wanted to ensure we didn't have a summer baby.

Started trying to conceive from 01/01/16, also using ovulation tests around the time the pack suggested but can't say i did it every day so may have missed it, but no confirmed ovulation.

I am now four days 'late' assuming a 33 day cycle. Many, many tests all negative, some symptoms but could be in my head (fatigue, a few waves of nausea, cramping just like period pains but no period, this has happened on about four days).

Had anyone else experienced this coming off the pill?

Have I even had a cycle yet?

Can/should i go to my GP at this point?

Help, I so want this to mean I have gotten really lucky, but trying not to hope. Happy to answer any questions.

Also, will GPs do a blood test? Have read about these but they seem to be on American forums.


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  • Hi there

    Fertility is quick to return after discontinuing the pill (ie more than 36 hours late with a pill and pregnancy risk is there). So although you may not have had a true period yet you are fertile. A home pregnancy test is accurate 3 weeks after sex or when your period is late, lighter or shorter than usual. A GP will only do a blood test as a last resort as pregnancy tests are so accurate when done in the right timescale. It maybe you have tested too early, wait a few days and repeat using an early morning sample, if still negative it won't hurt to see your GP. ‎If you are trying to conceive it would be a good time to start taking folic acid. Good luck.

    I hope this helps

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Katherine. I have been taking folic acid for a couple of months now in preparation. Another test today is still negative, a week late, I'm now on cycle day 40 and while I was on the pill for a number of years I am pretty sure my cycles were average so 40 is odd. I have made an appointment with my GP today, first date they could give me was 11th of Feb! I think the receptionist thought I was mad. Oh well, by then I will either have started or be extremely late and they may pay attention. Thanks again.

  • Hi there

    That's great that you're taking folic acid- well done. And good job booking into see your GP, hopefully they will be able to see what's going on!

    Best wishes


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