Unsure if i could be pregnant or not

Im very confused as to whats happening with myself just now. I had unprotected intercourse 18th of November. My first day of my last period was Sunday 6th November and Finished on Thursday 11th. My periods are always regular every 28 days. I have never once been late and I was due last Sunday 4th a December, I took a clear blue test 4 days bwfore missed period & was negative. I then took anoter on period due date and negative. Since then iv not taken any tests which is obviously 4 days late, Im urinating more frequently, slight headaches and slight cramps but go away and nothing else I did have really tender sore nipples last 3 weeks but now im fine. I have been pregnant before and the first sign was my nipples but this time i dont feel the same symptoms if i am pregnant actually not really much right now. Infact not to mention i was quite sicky feeling at night yesterday and a few days ago, Could i still be pregnant? even though showing negatives on tests on first two taken?

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  • Hi There,

    It sounds like you did the tests too early. As you are now late for your period, it was 3 weeks since you last had sex, and you have some symptoms a pregnancy test would be accurate now. Make sure you use an early morning pee as it's the strongest of the day. I hope it's the outcome you want.

    Best Wishes


  • I dont really hve any symptoms now though its weird and im still 5 days late, maybe the odd light headache and deff urinating alot more when havent had anything to drink

  • Hi There,

    It would be best to do a pregnancy test now, and take it from there.

    Best Wishes


  • hi jules i took another test but it was only 99p, negative result again iv read on some forums with peoples second pregnancies they havent had a postive result until around 6 weeks and symptoms. Iv never been late today im experiencing a harsh headache at the back of my head. Whit discharge still too 🙄

  • Clear blue may not of been sensitive enough I tested last Monday was negative tested again on the Friday and was positive . My GP said it came down to HCG levels

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