When to see the GP no period for 3months

Hi, looking for some advise on when to see my GP. I stopped taking the pill at the end of July as we would like to have a baby. However I've not had a withdrawal bleed or any form of period (3 negative pregnancy tests). I know it might take time for things to get back to 'normal'. But the more I read the more I start to worry and I'm getting frustrated that I don't know what's happening inside my body! I also don't want to waste GP time, so was wondering whether it was too early to seek advice from them. Many thanks

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  • Hi- I don't think you should ever worry about wasting your GP's time, especially when it comes to pregnancy. If you are trying to get pregnant any way it would be good to talk to your GP about all the vitamins etc you should start taking also. xx

  • Thank you. Have decided to book an appointment for next week. I've been taking a pregnancy multi vit since August. It's just when you start to read other forums you hear of GP's not being that supportive or making people wait for a year. I'm of the thought I would rather know sooner or later if there were any under lying issues!

  • I'm in the exact position your in. I had my implant removed in July to start a family no bleeds or periods yet. I did waste the doctors time thou 😂. It can take up to 6 months for a period to return or longer depends on the body and your age (but I'm only 23!) I had blood test, urine test and scan and I'm all ok. I've also taken pregnancy tests and negative so as hard and frustrating as it is it's just a matter of time. I would wait till the 6 month mark then see your GP but hang in there I know it will come for us eventually 👍🏻. Hope this sort of helps your not alone.


  • Thank you. When did they do the tests? I think I would be worried less if they could do some tests now and tell me I'm fine!

    I know what you mean it's so frustrating. You spend years trying to not get pregnant and as soon as you want to your body's not playing!

  • About 3 months after my implant was removed. Yeah I know I've spent all this time trying not to get pregnant now we want to it feels it's taken forever. If you feel for peace of mind go to the doctors by all means you won't be wasting their time at all. I feel it helped me. Xx

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