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Think I may be pregnant


Hi everyone me and my partner are trying for a baby i came off implant in October been tracking my period since had normal periods since nov last two to three days Tuesday i should of come on my period was only blood when i wiped nothing on pad all day Wednesday morning i had stopped any help thanks

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Sounds like it could be implantation bleading /spotting! (Mine was similar - nothing in my pad only after wee I saw pink discharge on the toilet paper)

Fingers crossed!!!

PS: by now the pregnancy test should be quite precise.x

Just done a test and its negative thought bleeding spotting :(

My pregnancy test showed straight away positive but some ladies on here had negative tests for a while (maybe the body did not increased as quickly the HCG levels so test was negative) Obviously I don't want to give you big hopes - but it's still possible that the results could come out positive in a week, specially if there won't be a period! Hoping with you!x

No was just bleeding then finished Wednesday morning hope i am just keep thinking its never going to happen x

Stay positive and take your folic acid! Before I became pregnant I downloaded app (MyDaysX) that predicts my next period and ovulation based on previous data I have input and I must say - it was very precise (after a while studying my body I learned when my ovulation was so I was able to compare it). If you don't know your ovulation day, then You can buy ovulation strips (friend of mine told me they are waste of money but here on this website some women say that it helped them to get pregnant as they learned by doing those tests that they ovulate for example on day 18 and not 14 as it's assumed norm) Good luck,x

I use the flo app think ill start and use ovulation strips few days before it says to make sure x

I use glow app. It is quite good you can log quite a lot on it x

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