Help I've had enough!

I posted on here a few months ago I think with symptoms I thought were a preganacy but turn out to be period pains I think. Since my implant has been removed I've become a beast! I've so far had no period at all, I've gained weight, I'm an emotional wreck I cry, then I'm happy then I'm angry. But worst are the cramps! I suffer everyday and sometimes all day with them! No pain relief seems to work and I just feel horrible from them. Last time I took a test was about a month ago but I don't want to take another one as it just upsets me when I see negative can anyone shed some light on this I've seriously had enough!

Many thanks xx

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  • Hi there- it sounds like you're having a horrid time, have you been to see your GP to talk through your symptoms at all? When you're trying to get pregnant taking a test can be emotional but sometimes it is better to know? Perhaps you could take one with some there so they can be supportive? xx

  • Yeah I saw my gp today which was very helpful and next time my partner will be there as I can't take a negative again by myself. Thank you very much for the answer


  • That's excellent news that you saw your GP, I hope it went well. Good idea to have your partner with you next time. xx

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