Can i be pregnant???

Hi, i had my period on Sunday, normally i have evy bleeding for almost one week, but this month it was much less bleeding but not spoting it was red like it should be but less and i only had for 2 and half days, can i be pregnant? I had sex in my period fertile but when my period came I thought I didn't get pregnant, but now i have some doubts.

I had 3 pregnancies and never beed on any of them.

What do you think?😌

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  • Sorry I forgot to say that sinse 3/4 days before my period i'm having migraines, felling a bit dizzy and only now my breast start ti get sore.

  • Same thing with me except my periods have been light for two months now. I asked people on here if I was possible pregnant and they said not possible or probably not. But I'm so happy to finally find someone with the same symptoms and can relate.

  • . I've done a lot of research for the past two weeks and yes it is possible to be pregnant and bleed it's just not common. It is possible to get pregnant at anytime during your period it's just not common. During my own research was so much more help then this website so far.

  • Thank you for you reply hope everything for the best for you, i'm going to wait for a few days and make a pregnancy test.

  • Thank you for the information, because I don't think it was the so called spotting but it wasn't my regularly period as well because I always have evy bleedind.


  • It is possible that the egg didn't implant until after the period so I guess it can happen but I'd say it isn't likely that soon after a normal period as the womb lining is still thin.

  • I'm sceptical, but this month was completely different than I usually have, I'm going to wait and then if i still feel funny with tenderness in my breasts, the dizziness and the sickness i'm going to do a pregnancy test.

    Thank you 😊

  • Yes best to do a test. Each lady is so different but the body can do the strangest things so it's not impossible. I had spotting with both my sons and it started pinkish then went brown, went off then I got it later on for a week, but it's never red blood. Saying that though some women do get bleeding throughout pregnancy and don't realise they are pregnant until quite far on.

  • Hi There,

    The advice of when to do a pregnancy test and it to be accurate is, if your period is later, lighter, shorter or doesn't come at all, or it has been 3 weeks since you last had sex. You generally don't get false positive results, but if you test too early then a negative result may not be true. If you have a local contraceptive clinic, why don't go and see them, talk through your symptoms and dates and they can do the test for you, then help you with the results. Hope it goes ok.

    Best Wishes


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