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Symptoms of pregnancy or coming off the pill?

I came off the pill about a month ago and have always used protection since and checked them, recently I've been tired and have been nauseous. Yesterday I had extreme bloating! I also have mini cramps in my abdomen and should be due on a period now but haven't had one yet.

Should I be worried about possible pregnancy?

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I also have very little discharge?


Im a Little worried too, i came of the pill end of April i had a regular period then i had a little bleed between then as of today officially 1 week late but endless amounts of pregnancy tests all comeback negative what should i do? but gone of certain food lack of energy and always tired could i be pregnant?x


I'm booking in the doctors to see what they say about it, you could try that? x


For some women (myself included) it takes a little while for periods to settle down to a regular pattern after stopping BC. My cycles are longer than they used to be as well.

Take a test to rule out pregnancy- just a cheapo one will do.


Okay I will do, Thankyou!


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