I struggled the other night with very bad pains I couldn't move properly I was content I was having a miscarriage but turns out it was just very bad constipation, does anybody know how I can stop this from happening it was so painful! I used to get it a lot before I was pregnant with the same crippling pains I've tried alsorts within changing my diet and it doesn't seem to work? Is there anything I can take?

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  • I would go see a pharmacist or go hun see what's safe for you to take whilst pregnant x

  • Hi there

    Constipation is very common during pregnancy and is thought to be due to the effects of the normal hormonal changes of pregnancy on the bowel. Although uncomfortable, it is generally not harmful to the mother or baby. Pregnant women should ensure that their diet is high in fibre and that they drink plenty of liquid from early pregnancy onwards. Fibre is found in fresh fruits and vegetables, wholemeal bread and wholegrain breakfast cereals. Prunes or prune juice and regular exercise can also help prevent and treat constipation. By following this advice you can hopefully avoid needing to take medicines to treat constipation. If your constipation has not improved after trying these suggestions your doctor may advise you to take a medicine (laxative).

    I hope this helps

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  • I've tried all sorts over the past week and it has improved dramatically!! Just seems to happen every few weeks I've been eating a lot more fresh fruit aswell :) thank you very much for your help!!!

  • Everything is back to normal

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