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Not sure if it’s early signs


I had my last period ( what I thought was my last period) on the 13-17th of may. Was normal, I had cramps a fair amount of bleeding and then 10 days later on the 27th I had 3 days of random bleeding no pains or anything just the odd pad full. So now I’m 17 days late from what I thought was my last period but even the random bleed I’m 4 days late from that too. I also feel fatigued and sick every now and then with bad heart burn and also constipated. If anyone has any advice I’d really appreciate it, thanks

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Have you taken a pregnancy test?

It’s possible bleeding on 27th May could have been implantation, if u ovulated early. Which would make you around 6weeks and should show on a test. Do you have a normal 28day cycle?

Hi Laura, I done a test and I think you were right as I got a pregnant 3+ weeks so I think I’m around 6 weeks 5 days

That’s excellent! Congratulations!

They will be able to date u properly at the first scan with what the baby measures.

If you went for an early private scan they should be able to hear a heart beat. (Anything over 6weeks shows a heartbeat usually) I waited until 8weeks and had the private scan just to make sure.

Enjoy the rest of the pregnancy :-)

I have underlying problems so I’m getting a scan on the 13th from the hospital so I’m looking forward to that and hoping everything is okay so far

Thank you so much, and thanks for your response

Fantastic! Let me know how u get on. That’s my 21week scan date too. Hoping my husband will get in to see the scan this time too :-)

Oh your also pregnant? Congratulations ❤️! Aw I hope so too, I haven’t even asked if my fiancé can come in with me on the 13th but he’s very persistent and I don’t think he’ll take no for an answer lol

Yeah couldn’t believe it when it happened just before lockdown as we had had a year of failed ivfs and it had never happened naturally all the years we were trying.

In Scotland it’s looking like the guidelines will now allow partners into scans and antenatal appointments. Up until now I’ve had all mine on my own unless they were private ones as the nhs wouldn’t budge on it. I think England already allow partners in :-)

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