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Advice on missed pill and unprotected sex?


Just after abit of advice as never been in this situation before.

I've been taking microgynon/rigevidon for around 6 years now and never missed a pill. This week however after my seven day break I missed the 6th pill in the packet (Saturday) after being unexpectedly called into work. I remembered and took it and the next days pill (Sunday) at approximately 7am. Ordinarily I take my pills anywhere from 8am to about 11am latest.

My worry is that on Monday (the first day on the pill after the break) me and my partner had unprotected sex.

Do I need to take emergency contraception or should I be ok? The NHS advice seems to say it's fine but I just want to double check, thanks.

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Hi Iggy,

Yes, as you took your 6th pill in the packet within 24 hours after the time you usually take your pill and took the next one straight away you will be still have the contraceptive cover so do not need emergency contraception. A missed pill that would require emergency contraception / abstaining for sex would be a pill that you either completely forgot or took more than 48 hours after your last pill. I understand why you are anxious, but you've done all the right things.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,



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