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Hello. I was wondering to get some advice on the pill. I started the pill on the first day of my period which was on the 23rd August and apparently I'm due my next period on the 13th September but that means I would have started my period 2 weeks since my last period. Shouldn't it be on the 3rd week on the 20th or something?? I am so confused so could someone tell me if I should continue my pills or just take the 7 day break even if my period shows up after the break?

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Continue taking the pills exactly how it says. 3 weeks continuous and then a week free. When I was on the pill last year I started mine on the first day of my period and I'm 90% sure I had a 'period' on my first pill free week. It's just the hormones in the pill changing your cycle, so if you do or don't bleed it'll be fine because after a month or so (they say give it 3 months) everything should hopefully be working on a 28 day cycle, just takes a bit of time


I also should of said that I took a month off the pill before I started to go on it again (Holiday issues) does that change it as the hormones could still be in me?


I'm not an expert but I doubt that matters, i didnt take a break on mine (apart from the obvious 4th weeks) but I'd assume it would be just like starting the pill like the first time? And if anything, things would just regulate themselves a little faster because the hormones may still be there?


Well I just hope my period comes on the 3rd week like its suppose to then and become regular after that.


Hi there

You take 21 days of pills, then the 7 day break. Normally you start a (lighter, shorter) bleed towards the end of that 7 day break. Even if you haven’t begun to bleed, it’s important to re-start your new pack on time, as if the break becomes longer than 7 days the effect of the pill will wear off and you won’t be covered. It is not a true period, but a withdrawal bleed as the hormone levels slightly drop. Try not to worry, as long as you have taken all your pills on time, up to the break you will be ok. this leaflet helps explain.

Best wishes



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