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Endoscopy/ can i be pregnant.


I had unprotected sex on 20th December but took the morning after pill Levonelle on the 21st of December. I waited for my period since I couldnt remember when it was due and on the 1st of Jan I got what I thought was my period.. I bled for 3-4 days but it was more like spotting than a period.. from the pharmasists advice I took two tests after this which came back Negative. I am confused as to if there is any possible way I could be pregnant. I have an Endoscopy in 5 days so need to be 100% sure. Any advice is greatly appriciated.

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If I was you get a blood, test done it picks up pregnancy when hpts can't. Xx

Thankyou. I dont know if Ill have chance to get them drawn before Monday ontop of College and things but Ill try. Xx

If you can afford it you can get tests online that will deliver to your house and you send off you'll get the results the next day sometime.they range from 30 to 60 pound, Xxx

Thankyou ill look into it x

Good luck. Keep me updated. Xx

I had the endoscopy yesterday so Im guessing everything is fine and my cycle is just messed up from the hormones in the morning after pill x

Hopefully it'll get back on track soon xxx

With all the HPTs turning negative I'm quite convinced that you're not pregnant. Plus, the morning after pills rarely fail and the spotting could be because of your condition that demands endoscopy. However, you're the best judge of your body type and it's signed. If you feel pregnant or just wanna be sure go ahead and get a blood HCG done. Stay well!

lauren5678 in reply to Becca21

Everything was fine.. I thought it would be but was just a bit worried. I had the endoscopy, and then two days later I had an ultrasound appointment. I got a period this month for 5 days which is still unusual for me but its probably the hormones in the pill or something.. and Im guessing the unusually light part was because of my Tranexamic Acid.

Becca21 in reply to lauren5678

Sorry I logged in after a while and just clicked on posts randomly didn't realise it's 23 days old. I'm glad everything is great with you! :) Yes, endoscopy causes the cycles to get whimsical and abnormal for the time being, it's both the process itself as well as the medicines that contribute to it. It will be gone in around 2 months time. Stay well!

lauren5678 in reply to Becca21

Thankyou, dont worry about seeing it late.😂

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