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So, I have my consultation in a couple of days and really just want everything to be over already... does anyone know if I can actually start my treatment the day I have my consultation? I really can't bare this any longer

Update: I managed to start my treatment on the day of my consultation and had my second pill yesterday. For any girls wondering, it is quite a painful experience and I did begin to bleed 23 hours after the first pill (tmi, sorry) But, I will promise you that the pain does eventually go down even if it feels like it won't. BUT when the nurse tells you that your flow will be heavy, it is not an understatement !! I'd advise night pads and making sure you change them as much as you can!

P.S ALL the staff are lovely, they make the entire process as easy as possible

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It depends on the appointment you have and who's providing your treatment, but yes it's definitely possible. Phone the number you made the appointment on and ask. Hang in there, everything will be underway soon.

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Cait124 in reply to cekco78

Thank you so much for this

Can't give you advice but wanted to say I'm so sorry you find yourself in this position. You're very brave, this isn't any easy decision. Hope everything goes well for you x

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Thank you!

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Hi there. If you haven't been to speak to someone about the abortion yet then I'm afraid u will be given a date to go back for the first part of treatment usually a tablet to take them u go back like 5 days later I'm sure. Once u take the first tablet it should stop your pregnancy hormones progression really.

Listen, I completely understand what u t going through and I know the desperation u have for it just to be over. And it will be very soon. If it helps at all, sometimes the first tablet stops the symptoms of like nausea/sickness. Definitely calms them a bit. U may be lucky enough to begin ur treatment on the first app. But for psychological reasons I think they wait incase u change ur mind.

Good luck and u can get through this. U will be back to ur normal self soon and I hope u have thought through every aspect of this. I know the preg symptoms can be really overwhelming for some people and the thought of having a baby and how u will manage is scary. And so u know, I am not judging. I believe every person knows what best and what u truly feel. I will be thinking of you xxxx

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Would it count if I've spoken to a doctor at a sexual health clinic? And thank you for your response, it means a lot honestly as well as your reassurance xxxx

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I'm sure if you have already spoken to someone at a sexual health clinic first then ur app ur going to next may possibly be for your first part of treatment, a pill or few to take. U should be in n out then u will get an app for maybe between 2-5 days later for last part. Sorry, I'm just assuming it's a medical abortion ur having not surgical as I'm sure with surgical it's one app. Most places talk u out of the surgical though. When is ur app? U could always call and ask first just to put ur mind at ease. Nothing worse if u get ur hopes up and it's not. But if u have already spoken to someone and they set an app for u then I'm sure it's first treatment. Is it a hospital u need to go to?xxxx

Hi Cait, can I ask why you decided to have an abortion? I only ask because I know that when I was pregnant, you go through a whole range of emotions and physical changes that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and sick (And for me, sometimes very depressed). These usually pass though, so I want to make sure you aren't being pressured into making a permanent decision for something that will pass. Let me know if you want to talk. xx

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Hi there

It will depend who is providing your treatment and what procedure you are having? If it's with Bpas and you having early medical treatment, and everything is all straightforward then it can usually be done the same day. Hope it goes ok.

Best wishes


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Cait124 in reply to Bpas_1968

Hey, originally a sexual health clinic told me to call Bpas after discussing a medical abortion, my consultation is tomorrow at a hospital. I believe that my GP would be paying for it as this is what the doctor at the clinic had told me and thank you x

Please don't rush the decision, have you considered keeping the baby?

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Amyjanexo in reply to H305

I think at a point like this someone has already considered this and had 1000 thoughts about it and maybe does not need a questioning of such

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Thank you for this - really irritates me when people can't seem to accept other people's decisions

The day I had my consiltation I wanted treatment , but they cannot as they need to test a lot of things like your blood Any sexual transmitted diseases and your medical history , quiet a few things happen at consiltation and if you are you are attending counsiling then it's unlikley if you are an adult then it's defo possible I had to have counsiling and felt this helped A LOT but having it over and done with is much easier to go through x

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Strange that, I managed to start my treatment on the same day and had the second pill the following day and I'm glad the counselling helped you! I didn't feel like I personally needed it as I had a lot of support from my boyfriend

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