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Hey guys, so basically me (17) and my boyfriend (19) were stupid and had unprotected sex on May 24th night, then May 25th and he though he may have finished a small bit inside me, so I took the morning after pill from Superdrug.

So after taking the pill i spotted about 2/3 days after for a couple of days, which it said was normal.

It is now June the 19th and I am 1 day late for my period? I haven’t had any real symptoms of pregnancy but i’ve never been pregnant so i don’t know 100% what it’s like? And I definitely don’t want to be pregnant rn lol.

My ovulation day last month was 7 days after we had sex, so surely the sperm would have died, and my Flo app said I had a low chance of getting pregnant that day.

Bottom line is, who else has taken the morning after pill and how long did it take for your period to arrive?

Thank you!!

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Stress can cause your period to be late. Have you taken a pee test? I would imagine all will be fine. Xx

I haven’t yet, but i’m gonna wait about 5 more days and if i’ve still not come on then i will! Thanks for the reply xx

No worries. You will probably have your period before then. Try to relax and think about something else xx

update : now 4 days late but have no specific signs of early pregnancy? sometimes i feel a bit ill and my back hurts and i do get cramp feelings around my bladder / under ribs? just don’t understand why my period won’t come ☹️

Probably still stress. How many days since your last day 1?

as in the first day of my last period? it’s been 35 days, i went to the loo earlier and wiped and there was clear discharge and a tinyyy bit of blood (sorry for tmi!) but not enough to be a period so i’m confused? i’m hoping it will start tomorrow if not i’ll have to get a test. I’m almost 18 and don’t know what to do.

Definitely test. Just get a pee on a stick one. As said below, at least that will put your mind at ease and then hopefully your period will come. Xx

Hey, so I didn’t get a pregnancy test as half way through my day I noticed some brown/red ish discharge? A few hours later I went to the loo and there was thick red blood after i peed and when i wiped? I’m guessing this is my period?! not 100% sure. Sorry for TMI again!!!!

Sounds like it. Hopefully in the future you won't have to go through this again. Xx

I would suggest take a pregnancy test if u r so stressed. So with a negative on the stick will take ur stress away and then ur period might resume whenever. But at least I'll have some peace of mind .

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