Could I be pregnant?

So I had my period a couple of weeks ago, then one or two days after I finished my period I had unprotected sex. I usually take the microgynon pill, however, I was supposed to start taking it again on the Sunday after my period finished and I had unprotected sex on the Saturday. But I realised I didn't have any left and couldn't get an appointment at the doctors for 1-2 weeks so I haven't been taking it since before I came on my period. Is there a chance I could be pregnant? Or will I still be covered by the pill?

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  • It's unlikely that you're pregnant as ovulation usually occurs a week or so after your period has finished. And sperm only tends to survive for up to five days inside the woman.

    It's not entirely impossible but it's very unlikely. But just keep an eye on any changes to your body. And when you get your pills again just mention it to the doctor :)

  • Thank you 😊

  • Hi There,

    The pill only covers you for the 7 day break. If that break becomes longer, then your ovaries begin working again. Did you use emergency contraception after the unprotected sex? You will need to do a pregnancy 3 weeks after that unprotected sex to check all is well, then if it's negative you can re-start some pills. Any sex between now and when you re-start pills, condoms should be used as it will be easier to work out dates etc. You can also get pill supplies from a local contraceptive/sexual health clinic, which is often quicker than seeing a GP. use this link to find your nearest, you could always go and see them asap and chat through dates etc, and they can also do a free pregnancy test if required.

    Best Wishes


  • Hi, unfortunately I didn't! I took a pregnancy test 2 weeks after the unprotected sex and it said it was negative, however I wasn't sure if this was accurate - wasn't sure if it was too soon or if it was genuinely negative. But thank you! :)

  • You did test too early, so I would repeat the test and take it from there. Hope it goes the way you wish.


  • Thank you. Do you have any idea when to expect my period (if I'm not pregnant)? I'm assuming my routine will be messed up with not starting my pill when I should have, and so I won't come on my period when I usually would when taking the pill, so I'm not sure when to expect it?

  • You may well have a period 4 weeks after your last withdrawal bleed, so really at this point the pregnancy test is the best marker and starting point. The nurses in the contraceptive clinics are usually really helpful to work out dates, plus they can do the pregnancy test with you and give support either way.


  • Hi, you recommended taking a pregnancy test 3 weeks after the unprotected sex which would be this week, however on the leaflet of the pregnancy test it recommends taking the test up to 4 days before your period is due (which would be next week). Do you think I should still take the test this week, or wait another week when my period is due?

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