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Contraception - what's best?

I'm 17, and have just started out tryin contraceptive methods, other than a condom (on partner). However, I'm having some problems! I was taking Microgynon 30 up until a couple of days ago, and got to the end of my first month, but throughout the entire month, I bled non-stop! This meant that I was unable to have sex at all. I'm going back to my doctor next week to change to something different but I don't know what to go for. I have Type 1 Diabetes and need something that won't affect that, and something that won't make me bleed throughout the month as well as during the week of my period. I'd also prefer something that doesn't involve me gaining a lot of weight!! Has anyone got any suggestions on what may be best? Thank you :)

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Hi Emily,

All current methods of contraception are suitable for people with diabetes, so it's really about what works best for you, whether that's a long-term "fit-and-forget" method like a contraceptive implant or a method you control such as the pill. In terms of weight gain, the only method which has a proven link to women putting on weight is the Depo contraceptive injection. We have information about the full range of options here which might be useful to have a look at, but your doctor or nurse will be able to go through all the methods at your appointment too:

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,



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