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What are my chances of having a baby?

I'm 30 and have always pictured myself having children. It hasn't happened for me yet, and I'm not with anyone at the moment. I'm getting a bit worried that I'm running out of time.

I know 30 is still young and I don't want to get pregnant right now, but I'm just thinking that by the time I meet someone etc... I have used contraception (the pill) since I was 17 and have never been pregnant or had an abortion or a miscarriage so I don't even know if I can even conceive in the first place... I think I'm starting to panic a bit. How long can I wait if I want to have a baby? And are there any fertility tests I should take now? x

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Hi tulip, you really are right 30 is still young! I don't think you have anything to worry about at all. There have been stories in the news recently about the number of women easily getting pregnant in their 40s. I understand that while your fertility does decline as you get into the second half of your 30s most women of that age won't have difficulties getting pregnant. I don't know what fertility tests you can do that aren't invasive or expensive - but you can buy ovulation test kits in the chemists to check when you are ovulating. I don't think you need to do that but maybe it would put your mind at rest to know everything is normal?


Hi Tulip- I completely understand how you are feeling and so many other women I know hit 30 and started to worry about the ticking clock but you are still young, as snowtinker has pointed out! On my 29th birthday I made the decision to stop worrying about my fertility( as I’d also been on contraception for years) and wait until the time was right for me - which when I was 32 and recently aged 38 for my third baby. You still have plenty of time to start a family and I know it can be hard when friends start having babies around you but remember everyone is different. But if it continues to worry you then maybe you could pop to see your gp and they could talk you through what the fertility experts offer and the tests that are available so that you have a better understanding? xx


Thank you both for your advice. Feeling less panicked now! It feels like everyone I know is getting pregnant at the moment and it's just made me think about my own circumstances. I think I will go to my GPs and have a chat about the ovulation tests and things but I imagine he will just tell me to stop worrying. Do you know if I can take fertility / ovulation tests when I'm on the pill? I can ask my GP if not. Thanks again for your advice and Judith thanks for sharing - it's so reassuring to hear! x


Hi Tulip,

Don't panic! Despite what you read in the papers, getting pregnant is not a problem for the vast majority of women in their thirties. We have produced a fertility guide with some information about chances of conceiving at different ages which might be of interest. It's online here:

Hope this helps!

Best wishes,



Hi Tulip I thought like you when I was 30 & had just given up all hope especially since I have endometriosis & was told id need help to conceive. I had unprotected sex three times I'm now pregnant at 45 can't quite believe it, it really is a miracle my friend also just got pregnant at 36. So don't worry


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