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experienced a complication with contraception and am now scared that i am pregnant

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so me and my boyfriend were having sex and when we finished he pulled out, but tje condom was still inside (as in it came off of him) and this was on friday night. on wednesday i started having my period but it was lighter than it usually is on its first day and it was a week early - im not due to start until the 27th (monday)

i have been very stressed from work recently and i know that sometimes extreme stress can induce periods, as well as a change in physical activity (i have become much much more active as my job involves working with horses) but i am also aware that an early, light period can be a sign of pregnancy. my work times dont allow for an appointment at a clinic with ideal timing, and im worried about losing my job if i have to take several days off work as im not planning on keeping the pregnancy at ALL if i do get tested positively for one.

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If you usually have period every 28 days and ovulate on 14th day then you theoretically should have passed your fertile window on last Friday and there should not be pregnancy at present.

However, if you ovulate later in the cycle then it could be implantation bleeding.

Usually pregnancy test can show by now if you're pregnant or not.

Try not to stress too much, get pregnancy test and see what it has to say.

I hope it's just stress & physical exhaustion related early period.x

thank you, i will post back once more once i have done the pregnancy test. whilst my period was early it seems to be lasting the full seven days, which would be unusual for implantation bleeding. thank you for replying :)) xx

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Hi There,

Could it have been post sex bleeding? You wouldn't be able to do an accurate pregnancy test until the 18th March, or if a true period doesn't happen. Did you seek emergency contraception at all at the time? If you get to a contraceptive clinic today you may still be able to use something if you chat through with a nurse and she feels it is appropriate you will get it free. Stress can certainly throw a cycle out by a few days, but best to try and seek help in a clinic today, which may put your mind at rest.

Best Wishes


hi jules, i dont think it was post sex bleeding as it had lasted the full seven days (which is my usual length of menstruation) as well as there being no pain present at the time. i had no time to seek emergency contraception as i had to get ready for work and leave which was at around 6:30 am.

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As hard as it is, you will need to wait or you could go and talk things through with a nurse at a local contraceptive clinic, they can look through dates etc with you and decide when will be best to test to get an accurate result. Many clinics have evening sessions to help fit round work.


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