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How early can you 'feel' pregnant?

me and my husband had unprotected sex on Saturday, when I was ovulating and ever since I have had light cramping. Can this be a sign of pregnancy? When We were trying for our little girl who is now 16 months we fell pregnant after the first try so I'm maybe wishful thinking. Is it possible to feel pregnancy symptoms straight after conception?

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Hi there,

Of course you will know your body best, but I would have thought it might be too early to tell. Generally, it is unlikely to feel pregnancy symptoms straight away - the cramping could perhaps be ovulation pain? Implantation usually occurs 3 to 5 days at the earliest after ovulation (and 12 days after ovulation at the latest), and some women do get symptoms then. Unfortunately you will need to wait and take a pregnancy test if your period is late, or lighter or shorter than usual.

I hope this helps.

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